Professor Cumrun Vafa awarded Honorary Doctors Appointment at Uppsala University

December 11, 2019


Professor Cumrun Vafa has been awarded honorary doctors at Uppsala University. Nine faculties have appointed several honorary doctors in varying fields, including string theory, maternal healthcare, evolutionary biology, the European history of ideas, prostata cancer and preschool pedagogy.

"Professor Cumrun Vafa, of Harvard University in the United States, is an eminent international expert in theoretical and mathematical physics, especially in both the physical and theoretical aspects of string theory. He has made important discoveries in the field of topological string theory and has been instrumental in coming to an understanding of mirror symmetry. Among his many achievements, Professor Vafa has been awarded the Prize in Fundamental Physics, the Dirac Medal and the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics. He has collaborated with both the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Department of Mathematics and is an active grassroots educator; among other things, holding a popular science lecture for a packed auditorium at the String Math Conference in Uppsala in summer 2019."

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